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The Life Money Mastery Training Program

Our Life Money Mastery Program focuses on two aspects of financial proficiency. First, the basic knowledge and skills required to manage and monitor money as it flows in and out during the course of the days and weeks of the month. These skills allow you to observe, organize and record your financial transactions and, most importantly, analyze that information in a meaningful way. The second aspect is “Financial Wellness” or, what we call, “Life Money Mastery”.

Life Money Mastery is an experience, not a calculation, and therefore can be difficult to assess in any objective way. It has nothing to do with your net worth or your income. Even less the car you drive or the clothes you wear. There is a direct relationship between how we feel and think about money and how we manage it. Life Money Mastery is the state of clarity, including feelings as well as numbers, that makes possible effective and life enhancing financial decisions.


Life Money Empowerment and "Hózhó"

Finally, Life Money Mastery can best be understood by reflecting on the Navajo concept of “Hózhó” (Pronounced like you are going to say ‘hot’ without the letter t. The second syllable should sound like you are going to say ‘show’ but with a ’z’ (zhow): ho-ZHO).

The American writer Tony Hillerman described it this way:

"The Navajo word ‘Hózhó’ ...means a sort of blend of being in harmony with one's environment, at peace with one's circumstances, content with the day, devoid of anger, and free from anxieties."


Attaining Financial "Hózhó"

The ultimate financial goal is to manage what you have with dignity and gratitude and appreciate and express your unique value as a human being. So how do we define this? Using the concept of "Hózhó" as a guide, as well as some basic good accounting principles, you are on your way to Life Money Mastery if:

  1. You manage what you have with dignity and gratitude and know that your value as a human being has nothing to do with how much money you have or how many things you own.
  2. You understand in specific terms your unique value as a human being, your true purpose, and your deep heartfelt desires.
  3. You clearly understand your spending patterns and align your spending habits with heartfelt dreams and foundational values.
  4. You live within your means; that is to say, inflow always exceeds outflow.
  5. If you have debt, it always serves you and is purchased at low or no cost.
  6. If you have unmanageable debt, you have implemented an effective plan for resolving it.
  7. If you use credit cards, outstanding balances are kept low or paid in full every month and are at low interest rates.
  8. You have a clear strategy for increasing your assets and net worth.
  9. You have enough in savings to survive for six months or longer, if necessary, without income.
  10. You have a clear set of short-term, mid-term, and long-term financial and life goals.
  11. You understand that money is not good or evil in itself but rather is a tool and a symbol of communal trust. It is to be respected, not worshiped, hated, or ignored.
  12. You use money as a resource and vehicle for establishing freedom, peace, harmony, abundance, and generosity in your life and your world. Money is never an end in and of itself.


Gaining control of your financial health and abilities

Once you have mastered some basic financial skills and understand that money is not good or evil but a tool and a symbol of communal trust, you will start to become a person who is not afraid of money, offended by money, addicted to money, confused by money, alienated by money or made to feel stupid because of problems with money. Once your finances are in order you can focus more completely on your life, your values and and the realization of your dreams. You will then be free, in harmony with your environment, at peace with yourself and the world, untainted by greed, anger, and jealousy, wealthy in the deepest and most human sense of the term.

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